Quality Policy

At Tiles Carrelage Pvt. Ltd. The basic principle of the quality policy is fulfilment of requirements and satisfaction of our clients, with a focus on product properties, their technical and aesthetical values, reliability and readiness of deliveries. We create optimal conditions for our customers, which enable them to increase their knowledge and professional competencies. We constantly improve working and social conditions by focusing on occupational safety and health protection.

The company's management has assumed full responsibility for understanding and implementing the quality policy at all levels. We expect our employees to have an active approach in handling new tasks and to make suggestions for improvement of all processes with an effect on the final quality of products. We appreciate their role in building the company image and gaining a market share.

We follow strict quality control approach in ceramic tiles unit by checking water absorption, bending strength, chipping, glossiness and thickness. We do manufacture our products according to internationally accepted norms. Even during production, we do check our quality at regular interval. As we are dedicated exporter, we also emphasis on packaging of tiles. We use very good quality of pallets and boxes to avoid breakage during transportation. We also emphasis on fumigation of pallets and their weight management as per country norms.

However, in mineral production unit we do check particle size distribution to maintain our size of quartz granules. We also emphasis on contamination. Our latest machinery has given us strength to have less contamination in our quartz powder products. Due to less contamination, our products are acceptable to major countries across globe. We also use quality jumbo bags to pack quartz grits. We have also customize our packing to cater our client’s requirements.