Research & Development

Tiles Carrelage has witnessed an unprecedented growth in terms of size, volume and geographical presence and much of this is credited to its robust research and development activities. Meeting international standards in the ceramic industry can be a cumbersome task if not properly planned with well managed R & D set up. Our R& D Department keeps a strict watch on every aspect when it comes to delivering a quality product. The stagewise control of production parameters like temperature, viscosity etc. is done by a team of Lab technicians who are equipped with accurate equipments.The culture of quality and service at Tiles Carrelage is today furthered by our technological adeptness.

Our products undergo regular quality tests. Stringent quality tests are also carried out on raw materials like clays, minerals, chemicals and pigments. We put maximum efforts to bring original yet classy designs. New designs also added to the portfolio almost every month with varied application right from kitchen, living room, Bathroom and exteriors. Our Brand promises a luxury that last a long life. The machinery, people and the raw materials all put together deliver on this promise day after day. When you apply our tiles in your homes you can rest assured the beauty will last a lifetime