Research & Development

Tiles Carrelage Pvt. Ltd. has witnessed an unprecedented growth in terms of size, volume and geographical presence and much of this is credited to its robust research and development activities. Meeting international standards in the ceramic industry can be a cumbersome task if not properly planned with well managed R & D set up. Our R& D Department keeps a strict watch on every aspect when it comes to delivering a quality product. The stage wise control of production parameters like temperature, viscosity etc. Is done by a team of Lab technicians who are equipped with accurate equipments. Our products undergo regular quality tests. Stringent quality tests are also carried out on raw materials like clays, minerals, chemicals and pigments.

Our Quartz Powder product research and development team check each parameters right from procuring the minerals to final blending, washing, screening, and removal of impurities in products. We also have, various procedures are executed to secure the evenness of each particle in color, shape and size. Moisture testing, color testing as well as foreign particle, rubber, and metal particle testing. We make sure that the health of our humble workers is not harmed looking after these precious gems. Silicosis is a very common disease amongst the workers in mineral plants. It is a lung-damaging disease that occurs due to the inhalation of dust containing silica. Through endless process of R&D, slowly and gradually we have eliminated all the traditional and harmful equipments and made the entire processing unit completely dust-free.