Message From CMD

C.E.O. Message

Mr. Mukesh Mehta
(CMD – Tiles Carrelage Pvt. Ltd.)

Dear Customer,

Tiles Carrelage Pvt. Ltd. Has long been known for its corporate values as well as its formidable product quality and customer service. Our brand name is very dear to us and we make sure to operate with professionalism and skill in whatever we do. The great quality and innovation of our products tiles and quartz grits has been officially recognized through our international certification. Our credibility & standards do not allow us to compromise on quality. We have established quality assurance and quality control procedures and judiciously follow to maintain quality standards at all stages.

Professionalism has always been the hallmark of the company. We have a reputation for having a fiercely talented, performance oriented employees with highest levels of integrity and professionalism. It is the mainstay of all its endeavors and the cornerstone of our corporate culture. Excellent team work & effective co-ordination among the various agencies involved give an edge over our competitors. We plan on continuing on this great path of ceaseless improvement and sustainable growth.

As our dear customer, you will also be happy to know that our core values remains the same from beginning. Because we have always invested in technology and design, you can be sure that when you invest in Tiles Carrelage Pvt. Ltd., You receive a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design.

Warm regards,
Director Sign
Mukesh Mehta