Corporate Overview

"TILES CARRELAGE" is proud to be made in India product, Brand with an exclusive international style. The letter "T" symbolizes for "TILES" in English that represents our products of ceramic industries. And "C" symbolize for "CARRELAGE" in French that represents our products we manufacture from mother earth. I.e Quartz Grits. This unique combination of words reflects our product range in our company name. After getting approval from Indian government we have started to present this brand across globe with our registered mark.

Established in 1983, Mehta Group has developed this brand over last decade. With major certification from government, this company has got excellent track records of exports across globe. We develop new patterns and variant on existing ones being introduced almost every day. Variety of sizes are on offer alongside different finishes like glossy, high gloss, non-slip gloss, polished, matt, satin matt, metallic, wood, rustic, sugar. We also have various range of sizes in Quartz grits and powder ranging from 0.1 mm to 4 mm. Our latest machinery has enable us to customize sizes as per requirements of our buyers. Being customer centric organization, Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.